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Short Story Analysis Sheet Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

victimize Story Analysis Sheet - Coursework ExampleHazel is hell bent on continuing her sweet streak at an annual race font held on May Day (Bambara 1-2). However, she has to juggle feel for for her brother Raymond and race preparations while simultaneously dealing with insensitive remarks about Raymonds mental handicap. At the storys conclusion, Hazel emerges victorious and finds new respect for Gretchen and Raymonds Down syndrome (Bambara 4).The author uses flashbacks passim the story. For example, Hazel remembers taking Mary Louise under her wing when the latter was new to the neighborhood. In addition, she recounts her distaste for Cynthia Procters pretentiousness when she remembers the latters lie about not adequately preparing for a spelling bee event (Bambara 2).Bambaras description of events is believable because she addresses challenges that face children in real-life for example, jealousy and rivalry between young female childs, as they strive to prove their superiori ty.The kind of conflict, central to the Raymonds Run, is a sort of inner conflict of the protagonist. From the maiden glance it may seem that the whole story is about confrontation of two athletes, Squeky and Gretchen, but things are much more complicated, and the existing conflict between girls is an external one. Upon the deeper reflection the reader recognizes that twenty year old Squeky struggles to find her place in life, as she strives to do more than just watch Raymond. This girl uses running as a tool to construct another identity of the more confident and victorious individual. However, her passion in running does not meet parental expectations, as they find Squekys spare-time activity impair her girlishness. A vivid example of that conflict is Squekys refusal to take part in maypole dancing with such an argumentation a poor Black girl who really cant feed to buy shoes and a new dress you only wear once. (Bambara 1).Hazel Deborah Parker, or Squeky,

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